Custom Programs

We will work with you to make a custom program for adults or youth. Let us know if you already have an idea of what you want to learn, or check out the list below of potential skills. Some skills are more suited to adults, some are better suited for shorter programs, and some are very tied to seasonal availability.

We charge a sliding scale fee of $30-$50/hr (per hour, not per person) for up to 8 people. Please contact us about bigger groups. Materials may or may not covered depending on the skill. Does not include travel expenses. Inquire about bartering Or work exchange as a payment option.

Some Sample Workshops:

Working with birch– harvest, prepare and weave little animals, beads and/or small baskets with the bark. 

Bone craft & tools– learn different breaking and shaping techniques to craft deer bones into your own herb gathering knives, combs, hair pins, animals, needles… and so much more!

Rawhide craft– learn the steps of the rawhide making process followed by learning various rawhide braiding techniques and/or cut and sew pieces of rawhide into knife sheaths, containers, windows and more.

Friction fire– learn how to bring fire to life with a bow drill kit from native trees and the power of friction.

Derbi hut– learn how to build the most efficient shelter with no equiptment  that will keep you warm in any weather condition.

Plant walk– learn how we can welcome wild plants into our lives through food, making medicine, harvesting fiber, crafts, and so much more.  

List of other workshop options;

  • Land stewarding techniques
  • Permaculture and Nurtureculture
  • Sensory Awareness Skills
  • Knife and tool skills/safety
  • Debris hut and other short term survival shelters
  • Long term shelter and primitive shelter techniques
  • Blacksmithing Knives
  • Buckskin, bark tanning, fur-on pelts and other ancient ways of tanning skins.
  • Making Primitive Clothing & Sewing techniques 
  • Traditional felting techniques and felted clothing
  • Wild fibers, primitive spinning tools & weaving on handmade looms
  • Water procurement, purification, storage and utilization
  • Bark, Rawhide, Wood and Gourd watertight containers
  • Primitive Pottery
  • Basketry; made of wild gathered materials such as birch, willow, roots, cattail, pine needles, etc 
  • Friction fire Methods; bow drill, hand drill, pump drill and others.
  • Fire skills and coal carrying
  • Primitive Cooking 
  • Wild edible harvesting, processing and cooking
  • Medicinal Plants and medicine making
  • Hunting and Trapping techniques
  • Rawhide crafts and braiding techniques
  • Animal processing
  • Bone tool making
  • Stone tools
  • Bow making
  • Camouflage, tactical awareness, concealment, and stealth skills
  • Tracking and animal behavior
  • Bird Language

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