Hides and Bones


Date(s) - 06/18/2021 -06/20/2021
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


During this three-day course we will guide you through the magical and intense transformation of turning a deer hide into supple buckskin. You will learn the wet-scrape method of tanning using wood ash, oils (such as brains or eggs), and punkwood to bring the hide through this enchanting process. This method creates the most durable, soft, and sustainable fabric that exists, and is both practical AND beautiful. We will also utilize another part of the deer that often goes unused–the bones. We will learn to craft tools, jewelry, fishhooks, combs, and other objects with modern and primitive methods. You can expect to walk away from this course with the knowledge in your heart, and beautiful buckskin and bone-craft in your hands.


If you don’t want to pay with PayPal, please mail a check to Way of the Earth School.


319 Jay Carter rd

Blue Hill, ME



This event may be fully booked. Please inquire at wayoftheearthschool@gmail.com.

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