Girls Coming of Age Program

Becoming Moon is a nine month rite-of-passage program where we bring girl-identified youth ages 10-11 into the woods to meet their wild selves. Each season we will embark on a journey following the format of a different traditional folktale. Throughout this experience, the girls will develop earth-based skills such as animal tracking, fire skills and wild crafts that are integrated into the story. Along with these skills, we weave in coming-of-age teachings that are designed to help navigate them through their transition into womanhood.

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These are our Desired Aims for the girls attending this program.

  • To be proud of her body and what it can do
  • To feel competent in her physical and emotional skills
  • To have good friends and be a good friend
  • To feel secure in herself and know how to use her voice
  • To have fun with other girls in nature
  • To strengthen their connection to the earth and their inner wildness
  • To understand how her body works, how to take care of it, and listen to it.
  • To learn tools to cultivate her intuition

Our Guiding Principles: These words are the foundation for our program. As mentors, these are what we turn to when designing and facilitating Becoming Moon.

Wildness– To see ourselves in the land, and experience the richness that kind of connection has to offer.

Connection– To deepen our relationships with the earth and each other.

Empowerment– To feel confident in who we are and comfortable expressing ourselves.

Integrity– To be true to ourselves, our intuition and our gifts.

Parent Circles:

Before each seasonal session begins, we ask that the parents attend a parent circle. This gives the parents time together to bond and share what their desires for their girls are. It also serves to inform them about what will be covered during the session and how they can support their girls at home in between program gatherings. Activities scheduled during these meetings will vary, but we will weave in some of the wild skills the girls are about to embark on.


This program runs the first & third Saturday of every month for nine months, with a few exceptions. It is really important that the girls can make it to every gathering as each experience builds upon the last. Participants can sign up for the whole nine months or sign up season by season. However, we recommend signing up for the entire nine-month session. Each season, the girls learn different skills and engage in various coming-of-age teaching dialogues that will not be covered as in depth outside that season.

*please do not share the following storylines for each season with the girls. We are trying to maintain an element of mystery around the adventures they will be embarking on.*

Vasalisa the Wise (Fall Session)

Using our hands and wild gathered materials from the land, we will craft intuition dolls, that will join us for a ceremony with our mothers. Our mothers will infuse our dolls with the gift of intuition, which the girls will carry with them on their journey. With our dolls in our pockets, we go out into the woods in search of fire. In the thickest, darkest part of the forest, we meet an old witch named Baba Yaga. Using our intuition, we ask the “right questions” and she agrees to exchange fire for three tasks. The tasks she assigns, teach us how to honor our feelings, and help us develop emotional intelligence. We then return to Baba Yaga with our tasks completed, and from her, receive the magic of making and keeping our own fire alive.

Skills Woven in: Cultivating Intuition, Emotional Intelligence, Fire Skills, Primitive Navigation, Rawhide Crafts, Bird Language, Coal Burning, Sensory Awareness, Wild Fiber Cordage, Activities and more!

Time: 9am- 5pm.

Dates: Sept 7th, Sept 28thOct 5th, Oct 19th, Nov 2nd, Nov 16th, Dec 7th, & Dec 14th.

Parent Circle Info: August 31stat 1pm-4pm. 

Cost: $1200.

Click here to read Vasalisa the Wise.

Ice Mountain (Winter Session)

With our hearts wrapped in the stillness of winter, we will sit around a glowing fire to talk about how to be assertive and what setting healthy boundries looks like. We will sing songs and make protective plant medicine from plants that are particularly good at this. While meeting the sleeping winter stalks of these plants, Coyote shows up. We tell him we are preparing to soften a hide together to craft buckskin pouches filled with some of the plants we worked with. He laughs at us, doubting our abilities to make such finely crafted items, and informs us that he knows the true king of crafting magical buckskin items. With pouches adorning our necks, we set out into the forest to find coyote. We follow his tracks along the river and up the mountain to find out who the king is so we may learn and further our own skills. When we come face to face with coyote, he claims to be king and after seeing our pouches, offers us a trade. Knowing how to be assertive with our wants, and how to say no to something that doesn’t feel quite right, we tell coyote how we feel about his trade, and turn around to head home. Coyote doesn’t want to take no for an answer, but becomes so impressed by our abilities to hold our boundries, he gifts us a special gift, one that can only be given to a woman who knows how to use her voice.

Skills Woven in: Assertiveness, Setting Healthy Boundries, Herbal Medicine, Hide Tanning, Natural Embroidery, Bone Work, Tracking, Animal Behavior, Bird Language & More!

Time: 9am- 5pm.

Dates: Jan 4th, Jan 18th, Feb 1st, Feb 15th, Feb 29th, March 7th, & March 21st.

Parent Circle Info: Dec 15th 1pm-4pm. 

Cost: $1100.

Click here to read Ice Mountain.

The Dream Makers (Spring Session)

Wandering the forest & fields in search of the first spring flowers, we will meet a “deer” who leads us to a mysterious cave in the woods. Here, we meet the dream makers, an old woman and an old man who together hold the magic of creating the dreams of the world. They teach us how the rhythms of our bodies are connected to those of the earth, and how to harness these rhythms to connect to our creativity. We will sit by the river processing the inner bark of the cedar, the tree of feminine magic, and use the river water to felt bags to contain our moon kits. To add to our moon kits, we make herbal salves and tea blends nourish our bodies as we learn about how our bodies work, and what will happen to our bodies as we embark on the journey of puberty.

Skills Woven in: Creativity, Body Intelligence (Menstruation/Puberty), Cedar Bark processing, Felting, Herbal Medicine, Tracking, Bird Language, Natural Dyeing, Weaving, and more!

Time: 9am- 5pm.

Dates: April 4th, April 18th, May 2nd, May 23rd, May 30th, June 6th& June 20th.

Parent Circle Info: March 28th at 1pm-4pm. 

Cost: $1100.

Click here to read The Dream Makers.

If you sign up for entire 9 month program the price is reduced to $3,100.

It is really important to us to make sure this program is available to everyone. Please contact us to learn more about payment plans & scholarships if you need financial assistance.

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