Mission Statement & Vision

Our mission is to cultivate an environment for people to reclaim their roles as caretakers of the earth by sharing earth living skills, developing community, and reawakening our inner wildness.

We are an Earth Skills Community on unceded Penobscot land in Blue Hill, ME, offering a variety of programs for adults and youth. Our programs are all nature-based and are designed to give people the tools to return to a deeper relationship with the earth, themselves and their communities.

Environment at the school: We strive to create a culture that is inclusive and accessible to participants with wide range of backgrounds, gender, race, income, physical abilities, etc. We want people to feel safe pushing their edge and empowered to nurture their passions.

Earth skills: All of the wild living skills we integrate into our daily life are sustained by ancient and nurturing land stewarding techniques. These skills awaken ancient parts of us and enable us to develop a more intimate relationship with the earth. There is a certain feeling of wildness and freedom that comes with developing competency in the hard skills like bow drill or foraging and a deeper sense of place when tapping into the softer skills like awareness or nature based ceremony. These skills will give you an embodied connection to the land that aligns you with nature in a very deep way.

Developing community: Nature is organized in communities of species called an ecosystem, and since we mimic nature in all her wise ways, community skills are an integral part of what we practice here. We are dedicated to exploring different tools to build deeper connections, navigate conflict in rewarding ways, and cultivate our innate gifts to share with one another. This extends to the non human community all around us; how do we help them thrive? Community is the key to the health and success of nature.

Inner wilderness:  Through specially designed activities, you can learn how to move, see, listen, and feel in the same way that wild animals do. Retraining your senses like this allows you to become wild in your own body. When connected to you body and inner wildness, you will start to notice something deeper happening within you while engaging in earth based skills like weaving a basket or tanning a hide. If you use these physical skills to help reflect, guide, awaken certain parts of you that want to be seen, they become a powerful vessel to help you become strongly rooted in yourself and your own special gifts.

Caretaker Role: The caretaker role is behind everything we do at Way of the Earth. We believe humans were designed to play a role in navigating various ecosystems’ development in a way that promotes health and diversity for us and all of our wild kin. We practice earth living skills specific to this bioregion, integrate permaculture, use modern technology when applicable, and mimic nature in the ways we nurture the land. One example of how that may look is thinning over-crowded tree stands and integrating the“waste” into firewood, bark for tanning hides, mulch, mushroom logs, huglemounds, building materials, wildlife habitat, craft materials, animal feed, and more. We are constantly learning, evolving, and remaining curious to how to fully embody what it means to be a steward of the earth.


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