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Workshops for 2022 –

Bark Tanning

Date(s): This is a one day workshop. 9am through 4pm on 6/25.

Cost: $90. Click here to sign up!

Come discover how to use tree bark to tan leather with natural materials from the land. We will learn about the various types of leather that different tree bark produce, how to peel and brew bark correctly, when to change the bark liquor and to know when the hide is done, and how to finish your hide with various oiling recipes. We will also cover many other variations you can add to the process to create different qualities in leather. This will mostly be a demo class because bark tanning takes longer then one day, but you will get started on your own small piece of deer hide and peel the bark so you can finish it at home. 

Felt your own clothing

Learn about wool’s ancient story while delving into the process of turning raw wool into functional and beautiful clothing. You will learn about the various felting properties of different wools and choose one best suited for your project(s). Folks can make either one large garment (like a vest or skirt) or two smaller pieces (such as booties, hat, mittens, bag, etc). This style of felting creates 3D pieces with no seams, which creates a strong garment that doesn’t involve hours of sewing. Please email us with you project ideas before the class begins! Be prepared to get wet & to get those arm muscles in shape!

Date(s): This is a two day workshop. Starting at 9am July 23rd ending July 24th at 4pm.

Cost: $185. Click here to sign up!

What to Bring: Participants should be prepared to camp (unless staying offsite) and cook on a simple fire or rocket stove. We supply water but bring your own food.

Bow Making

Date(s): This is a 4 day workshop. Starting at 9am October 6th ending October 9th at 4pm.

Cost: $500. Click here to sign up!

A symbol of humanities ingenuity and mastery of skill, archery has existed for at least 10,000 years. During this workshop, students will go from wooden stave to hunting tool, covering the entire process of bow making. You will gain experience in use and maintenance of hand tools necessary for the task and walk away with a deeper connection to your hunting journey. Tools and materials provided. 

What to Bring: Participants should be prepared to camp and cook on a simple fire or rocket stove. We supply water but bring your own food.

Taught by Andy Dobos who has over a decade of experience teaching and mentoring Nature connection and wilderness skills to all ages. He runs Forest Wolf Programs in CT.

List of other workshops you may see at Way of the Earth:

Animal Processing: This weekend course brings us deep into the life, death, life cycle. We will take the life of a goat in a sacred manner, and honor its life by utilizing all parts of it. We will learn all the edible parts of the animal, and make cordage from the sinew, bone tools from the bones, rawhide containers from the skin and much more. No part of the animal will go unused. This course is for folks who want to change their relationship with death, and see the life that lies there.

Wild Fibers: We will spend the weekend sauntering through the fields getting to know some of the local wild fiber plants. Learn how to process them into rope and thread for spinning and weaving. The entrancing art of the drop spindle and weaving on our own handmade looms will awaken ancient parts of us that remember when our clothes were once wild.

Make your own Rocket Cook Stove: Handmade and easy to build with simple materials, rocket stoves are a clean and highly efficient wood burning technology. We will cover the principles of how rocket stoves work, tour some rocket stove thermal mass heaters used to heat buildings and build your own portable outdoor rocket cook stove to bring home with you. 

Survive a Night in the Forest: What do you need to survive a night in the forest? In this weekend workshop, we will move beyond the fear-based mindset of survival and begin to see the ways we can rely on the forest to meet our basic needs. We will have an exciting overnight adventure with an emphasis on shelter and comfort. Other survival topics covered include lost proofing, securing drinkable water, fire building skills and more.

Bone Craft and Tools: We will learn different breaking techniques and use primitive & modern methods to shape the bones. Some of the items you could make include; fishhooks, awls, hide scrapers, jewelry, sewing needles, arrowheads, tweezers, hair pins, buttons, toggles, knives, musical rasps, beads, and so much more. We will also use rawhide to make sheaths and handles for knives and scrapers.

The World of Cattails: Cultivate a deep reverence and appreciation for an abundant plant species; cattails! Learn ways to eat one of the best year round food sources, discover how cattails interact with their environment, make coil baskets, and weave two different styles of versatile cattail mats. Be prepared to fall in love with cattails!

A Wild Feast: As we spend the morning gathering & preparing a variety of local wild foods, we will rekindle a more intimate knowledge of the landscape. We will return and cook up a delicious wild feast to nourish our bodies and celebrate the plants.

Some of the other skills we offer:

  • Land Stewardship techniques; such as Permaculture and Nurtureculture
  • Buckskin, bark tanning, fur-on pelts and other ancient ways of tanning skins.
  • Debris hut and other short term survival shelters
  • Long term shelter and primitive shelter techniques
  • Tracking and animal behavior
  • Friction fire Methods; bow drill, hand drill, pump drill and others.
  • Traditional felting techniques and felted clothing
  • Wild fibers, primitive spinning tools & weaving on handmade looms
  • Water procurement, purification, storage and utilization
  • Bark, Rawhide, Wood and Gourd watertight containers
  • Primitive Pottery
  • Sensory Awareness Skills
  • Knife and tool skills/safety
  • Make your own canvas tarps, tarp skills and knot tying
  • Basketry; made of wild gathered materials such as birch or willow. 
  • Fire skills and coal carrying
  • Primitive Cooking 
  • Blacksmithing Knives
  • Wild edible harvesting, processing and cooking
  • Making Primitive Clothing & Sewing techniques 
  • Medicinal Plants and medicine making
  • Hunting and Trapping techniques
  • Rawhide crafts and braiding techniques
  • Animal processing
  • Bone tool making
  • Stone tools
  • Camouflage, tactical awareness, concealment, and stealth skills
  • Bird Language

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