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Workshops for 2019:

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Hides and Bones

Date(s): This is a three day class. 9am 8/16 through 5pm 8/18.

Cost: The cost for this workshop is $285. Meals not included. On site camping available.

During this three-day course we will guide you through the magical and intense transformation of turning a deer hide into supple buckskin. You will learn the wet-scrape method of tanning using wood ash, eggs, and punkwood to bring the hide through this enchanting process. This method creates the most durable, soft, and sustainable fabric that exists, and is both practical AND beautiful. We will also utilize another part of the deer that often goes unused–the bones. We will learn to craft tools, jewelry, fishhooks, and other objects with modern and primitive methods. You can expect to walk away from this course with the knowledge in your heart, and beautiful buckskin and bone-craft in your hands.

Ancient Felting Techniques

Date(s): This is a one day class. 9am 8/24 through 5pm 8/24.

Cost: The cost for this workshop is $90. Lunch not included.

During this one-day workshop we will take raw wool and felt it into functional and beautiful clothing. Come learn about wool’s ancient story and felt yourself a hat, mittens, or boot liners. Wet felting and needle-felting techniques will be covered as well as a brief introduction to natural dyeing.

Fire off the Landscape 

Date(s): 9am 9/1 through 5pm 9/1.

Cost: The cost for this workshop is $90. Lunch not included.

This one-day intensive fire making workshop will challenge and deepen your relationship to fire. You will learn the skills to make, tend, and create your own fires off the landscape. Carrying coals, carving feather sticks, and experimenting with different types of fire lays are just a few of the activities planned for you. We will introduce various primitive ways of making fire with friction with an emphasis on Bow Drill. This exciting and adventurous day in the realm of fire will rekindle your own inner fire.

Animal Processing

Date(s): This is a one day class. 8am 9/28 through 6 pm 9/28

Cost: The cost for this workshop is $90 plus a $20 materials fee. Lunch not included.

We will take the life of an Angora rabbit in a sacred manner, and honor its life by utilizing many parts beyond the meat. We will tan the hides with brains and liver, cook some of the organs for lunch, and make cordage from the intestines. This course is for folks who want to develop a deeper connection to meat as a food source, and to learn how to use their own hands to bring an animal through death, and into life again. At the end of the course you will go home with a tanned rabbit skin and meat for your freezer.

Workshops for 2020:

Gift of the Pine Tree

Date(s): 9am through 5pm 5/16.

Cost: The cost for this workshop is $90. Lunch not included.

Join us as we spend a day getting to know one of the most abundant trees in this area; the pine tree. We will learn how to utilize all its different parts and develop a deeper appreciation for its existence. Food, water-tight containers, baskets, medicine, and glue are just a few of the ways will we interact with pine during this workshop. This is an intensive crafting day for folks who want a more substantial relationship with this generous tree.

Earth Skills Intensive

Date(s): 9am 6/17 through 5pm 6/21.

Cost: The cost for this workshop is $485. Camping Available. Meals not included.

This course delves into the foundational earth skills of Awareness, Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food. By living these skills for five days, we deepen our relationship to the landscape and connect to our own wildness. After practicing the art of shelter building, we will teach you how gather safe drinking water off the land, make friction fire with a bow drill, and feast on wild edibles. The awareness skills woven through out the week will reawaken your senses and show you how to relate to the forest in a different way. As we hone these skills, we realize all of our needs as human beings can be met directly from the land and each other.

Wild Fibers Weekend

Date(s): 9am 10/3 through 5pm 10/4.

Cost: The cost for this workshop is $185. Camping available. Meals not included.

We will spend the weekend sauntering through the fields getting to know some of the local wild fiber plants. Learn how to process them into rope and thread for spinning and weaving. The entrancing art of the drop spindle and weaving on our own handmade looms will awaken ancient parts of us that remember when our clothes were once wild.

List of other adult workshops you can expect to see at Way of the Earth:

Custom Programs: We do custom made programs for both adults and youth. This includes private workshops, guided trips, school programs, birthday party events, etc. Please call to inquire.

Animal Processing: This weekend course brings us deep into the life, death, life cycle. We will take the life of a goat in a sacred manner, and honor its life by utilizing all parts of it. We will learn all the edible parts of the animal, and make cordage from the sinew, bone tools from the bones, rawhide containers from the skin and much more. No part of the animal will go unused. This course is for folks who want to change their relationship with death, and see the life that lies there.

Survive a Night in the Forest: What do you need to survive a night in the forest? In this weekend workshop, we will move beyond the fear-based mindset of survival and begin to see the ways we can rely on the forest to meet our basic needs. We will have an exciting overnight adventure with an emphasis on shelter and comfort. Other survival topics covered include lost proofing, securing drinkable water, fire building skills and more.

A Wild Feast: As we spend the morning gathering & preparing a variety of local wild foods, we will rekindle a more intimate knowledge of the landscape. We will return and cook up a delicious wild feast to nourish our bodies and celebrate the plants.

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