What to Expect/Gear


Our school is located on 50 acres of varied landscape with access to hundreds of surrounding acres in East Blue Hill, ME.

Water: We have an open spring that supplies water for us, all of our animals, and the school programs. It has been tested through the state but if you do not feel comfortable drinking it, please bring your own water. One gallon a day per person will be enough.

Sleeping: We have campsites located in the forest. We do not provide tents, tarps, sleeping bags/pads, or mosquito netting but have extras if you forget.

Kitchen: We have an outdoor kitchen that includes wood fired rocket stoves for cooking, a fire pit, a dishwashing station, and basic kitchen equipment. (Pots, pans, spatulas, utensils, mugs, etc.).

Bathroom/Shower: We have composting toilet outhouse with a hand washing station and long mirrors for daily tick checking. There is no shower but a stream to bathe in. Less then a mile down the road there is a idyllic beach overlooking Acadia National Park for swimming as well.

Gear List:

– Clothing well suited for the weather. Be prepared to be outside for the entire class!
– Camping setup (tent/tarp, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, optional mosquito net)
-Bring your own water if you do not feel comfortable drinking from our spring.
– Water bottle
– Bring your own food! Unfortunately due to high taxation for offering prepared meals during workshops, you must provide your own meals.
– Cooking equipment and mess kit. Bring a camp stove if you do not wish to use our rocket stoves.
– Journal/Pen (optionall)
– Camera (optional)


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