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Our Address is 319 Jay Carter Rd. East Blue Hill, ME.

From Ellsworth: Take 172 into Surry. Right after the Surry Village, take a left on 176. In 6.5 miles you will come into East Blue hill village. Directly after the metal bridge, take a right onto Jay Carter Rd. Drive a mile up the road, past all the houses, into the woods. You will come to a T in the road with our School Sign, take that right down our driveway.

From Bucksport/Blue Hill: If coming from Bucksport, take route one East towards Ellsworth. After around 4.5 miles, turn right onto route 15 down into Blue Hill. Take a left onto main St.. Across from the COOP take a right onto 176. In around five miles, right before the Village of East Blue Hill, turn left onto Jay Carter Rd. Drive a mile up the road, past all the houses, into the woods. You will come to a T in the road with our School Sign, take that right down our driveway.

Culture of the School

We expect all participants to read and respect our school guidelines.

-We aim to create an inclusive and accessible environment to students with a wide range of backgrounds, gender identity, race, beliefs, income, and physical abilities.

-All programs are a drug free & alcohol free environment (with the exception of Rose Mead once and a while). Tobacco smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

-Respect the land. Trash & recycling receptacles are provided but please keep trash to a minimum. We compost all food scraps because it’s a great way to give back and nourish the land.

-Respect streams and springs on the land. Please don’t go to the bathroom near them or pollute surface water nearby/uphill.

-Respecting Neighbors. Please drive slow the whole way up Jay Carter rd. We have really great neighbors and want them to feel safe with the increased traffic from our classes.

-No pets allowed. We have farm animals and don’t want to disturb wildlife.


What to expect/gear

Adult Day & Weekend Workshops:


Be prepared to be outside the whole class!

We have campsites in the forest available and a rustic outdoor shower or stream to bathe in. There is an outhouse with a hand washing station and mirror for tick checks. We have an outdoor classroom for instruction in inclimate weather. You need to bring your own food, cooking equipment and mess kit. We had an outdoor kitchen with rocket stoves available to cook on and dishwashing station.


This is a list of gear to bring to our workshops. Some items are not needed for day workshops.


– Clothing (lots of layers and wool)

– Camping setup (tent/tarp, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, optional mosquito net)

-Bring your own water if you do not feel comfortable drinking from our open spring. (One gallon/day per person will be enough)

– Water bottle

– Bring your own food! (The less cooking preparation, the better.)

– Cooking equipment and mess kit. Bring a camp stove if you do not wish to use our rocket stoves.

– Journal/Pen (optionall)

– Camera (optional)




Our school is located on 50 acres with access to hundreds of surrounding acres in East Blue Hill, ME. The buildings on the land consist of an outdoor classroom, earth-lodge, yurt, root cellar and outhouses. Come prepared to be outside!


Water: We have an open spring that supplies water for us, all of our animals, and the school programs. If you do not feel comfortable drinking it, please bring your own water. One gallon a day/person will be enough. You can fill up at the Blue Hill library.


Sleeping: We had campsites located in the forest. We do not provide tents, tarps, sleeping bags/pads, or mosquito netting.


Showers: We have a very rustic outdoor shower setup, which sometimes includes hot water. There is also a beautiful, private stream to bath in. ONLY BIODEGRABLE SOAP FOR SHOWER OR STREAM! (Will state if it’s biodegradable on the bottle. “Natural” does mean anything).


Kitchen: We have an outdoor kitchen that includes rocket stoves for cooking, a dishwashing station, and basic kitchen equipment. (Pots, pans, spatulas, utensils, mugs, etc.


Bathroom: We have composting toilet outhouses with hand washing stations.


In-the-works: A workshop building to hold classes, including a loft to serve as an option for accommodation.


Barter for Classes:


We offer work trade for classes at $15/hour up to %50 of the cost of the program. This must be completed BEFORE the workshop, but to keep true to our value of these skills being accessible to everyone, we offer scholarships. Please contact us for more information on how to apply for work trade or scholarship. We are trying to do our part of developing a regenerative community here in Blue Hill and expect people to honesty evaluate where they are at financially so that our school can continue to run and support the people who run it. If you do need the work trade option we expect hard workers who are serious about trading their time for our time. We need you to plan ahead, show up on time, work hard, and focused on the tasks at hand. If you do not meet our needs, then we will not allow for further work trade hours.


Trading and Bartering of certain goods may be put towards cost of workshops. Contact for list of accept items or to make a proposal.


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